Hi all.
Name: TheManaHero
Nickname: DiddyTrini
Location: Trinidad, W.I.
Online games played: Maplestory El Nido East coast Server Maplestory 2 North American West server. Also on Steam, Free to play.
Path of Exile Warframe
Sometimes SNES games and 3DS games.

Ever Wonder how @ManaHero starts off his weekend? Between catching up to anime and the latest Telegram chat, I usually read up the latest from

Aye go browse what other people draw nah? Not all animation has to be anime you know (Yes I know some people are in denial of such info, tch)
So browse through the site, and read something new. I like the Gaming side of the webcomics, and i recommend series like It’s A dinosaur and Hubris to name a few. Enjoy!


Well, well well if it isn’t your fantastic self. Names Amir but you can also call me BabyRage. I’m from Trinidad and Tobago which is not the greatest place to start a life but its good enough ROFL. Did you know that you can lick your elbow, you tried huh? So, onto the other part now. I’m giving my dream a shot which is to become a professional gamer/streamer. Why am I giving it a shot? I’ve been told gaming is a talent I have but never took it into account and now I realized it so I’m giving it a shot and dreams are always being created by you but you won’t be created again, a bit sentimental but moving on. I’m 19 years of age who graduated with a degree in nothing because I dropped out. I won’t keep this long cause y’all probably got better stuff to do so a piece of advice from the big bro CityGateGr8Baits “we in it to win it”.

Minato Namikaze

Hey my name is Etan AKA Minato

I’m from Trinidad and Tobago just here looking to build a positive clean community… I stream many games and I will also do requests .. Fave colours are black white and blue and I love Pizza XD Nice to meet you, My goals honestly is to become a Computer Engineer and a great streamer. I just like to make my community happy and I’m looking forward for what’s in-store to come for us ^_^ and I hope we have a lot of fun together … Thank You !!!