Gaming with GATT – Animae Caribe

Gaming with GATT – Animae Caribe

2020-10-30 Off By syncrod

From the beginning of digital games it’s had a close connection with animation, and many animators end up working at gaming companies.

The Gamers Association of Trinidad and Tobago partners with this year’s Animae Caribe Festival to present a gaming event that will brighten your day with hilarity.

Both, Among Us and Jack Box games are super fun and funny. Can you tell who is the imposter? Or can you draw something that no one can guess what it is?

The fun begins at 12:30pm on October 31st. on the Animae Caribe Discord Server.

Sign up to receive the Discord invite on Monday the 25th (though the Discord server will not be open for business till October 31st)

This event will take place on the Animae Caribe Discord. You can sign up using:

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Register at: