Pokemon GO Trinidad Guide & Tips by Duckman

Pokemon GO Trinidad Guide & Tips by Duckman

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‪#‎PokemonGO‬ ‪#‎Trinidad‬ Guide & Tips:


Higher trainers see better Pokemon & better items.

*Purchase a Lucky Egg for $1(USD) before anything.
–> These give double exp for 30 mins.
–> Catching a Pokemon the 1st time = 600 exp (x2).
–> Catching the same Pokemon = 100 exp (x2).

The idea is to use the lucky egg at the start of the game when literally everything is still new. Combine this with sitting in an area where at least 3 PokeStops overlap – these will give you items and exp (x2) every 5 mins. One example where this is possible is by Movie Towne’s Fountain in Port of Spain (pictured above). To make many Pokemon appear at Pokestops you (or someone else nearby) can put a Lure Module on the PokeStop. People have hit level 5 within minutes with the above method.

When the Lure Module expires and you feel like you have exhausted the area of new catches, activate an Incense and move to a new area. You should have A LOT of Pokeballs now. You can catch several times more Pokemon while moving with Incense (you start with 2 for free). Walking with Incense can get you 1 Pokemon per minute for 30 mins. Standing still will only get you 1 about every 5 mins.

With some grinding, Trinis have hit Level 15 in under 24 hours! The picture also shows 1 guy’s progress in under 24 hours.

1) Movie Towne, Port of Spain.
2) Siegert Square, Woodbrook.
3) Uwi, St. Augustine.
4) The Hyatt Waterfront, Port of Spain.

*Step 1: Collect 200 ’12 Candy Evolve’ Pokemon.
–>Caterpie, Weedle, Pidgey.
–>Each catch gives 3 Candy (600 candy total).
*Step 2: ‘Transfer’ 120/200 Pokemon for 1 Candy each.
–>You now have 720 Candy + 80 Pokemon.
*Step 3: Evolve 60/80 Pokemon.
–>1 Evolve = 1000exp with Lucky egg.
–>Can evolve 60 in duration of 1 egg.
Result: 60,000+ Exp in 1 hour + 80 Candy worth of surplus pokes.

Tip: Do this while under Pokestops too!


*You can catch all STARTERS later.
*Interact with a gym to choose your TEAM at level 5.
*You get GREAT BALLS at level 12.
*You get ULTRA BALLS level 20.
*You can delete less useful items for space.

*Bag space can only be bought for Pokecoins.
–>Pokecoins cost real $$.
*Try not to waste money on pokeballs.
–>You get them for free from Pokestops.


*Pokemon Evolve from Candy.
*Pokemon ‘Power Up’ from Stardust.
*Evolve Pokemon before you power them up so they learn the best moves.
–>You get Stardust from catching pokemon.
–>You also get Stardust and POKECOINS from defending gyms.
–>Getting stardust is tedious.
–>You catch more pre-‘Powered Up’ Pokemon at higher Trainer levels. 20+ ideal.

Powering Up a Pokémon raises its CP (combat points) – but a Pokémon’s CP only indicates its strength right now, and doesn’t take into account a Pokémon’s potential. It might just have a higher CP because it’s a higher Level. The white bar above your Pokémon indicates how close it is to its maximum Level. Powering Up pushes the white bar along its arc by raising your Pokémon’s Level – which caps out at 1.5 Levels above your own current Trainer Level, with the cap increasing as you Level up.

*Each Pokemon has hidden stats that determine potential power.
–>These are called IVs. Check them on site below:
—> https://thesilphroad.com/research#monRater
—>IVs show their true potential.
—-> Only invest Stardust on your best Pokemon.


*You don’t automatically capture them on victory.
–>Place a Pokemon on it immediately.
–>You can also ‘steal’ gyms this way.

*Gym’s often have to be beaten several times for capture.
—>Prestige is like their health. It goes down after each defeat.
—–>Gyms are captured at 0 Prestige.

*GYM REWARDS: You can claim them once every 21 hours for every gym that stays in your control. The button is the Shield at the top right of the Shop screen.
*The EASIEST GYMS TO DEFEND are those hardest to access. For example: There is one in CHAGUARAMAS inside a compound that is closed at night. This helps you defend it longer for rewards and less people frequent areas like this.

*Attacking a gym is easier than defending.
–>You can actively dodge by sliding across screen.
–>AI is dumb.
*You can beat Pokemon up to 500CP higher.
–> Practice dodging then hitting. Repeat.
–> Having a type advantage helps.

*If you see it, you can catch it!
–>Even if it seems out of range, tap it!
–>You can move once you are in battle.
*Don’t expect to find more Pokemon in the wilderness.
–>Pokemon prefer heavily populated areas.
—> Urban rivers > Maracas beach.
—-> Parks and places like the SAVANNAH > bush.
*Pokemon are different distances.
–>Throw ‘harder/further’.
*Don’t waste balls on common, evolved pokes.
–>Harder to catch.
—>Still only worth 1 candy.
*Hit Pokemon in the chest, not head.
*Razz Berries increase catch rate.
*Throwing balls when the circle is small improves catch-rate.
*Curve Balls increase catch rate.
–> Curve Balls give more exp. Vid below!



*Appear in ‘Pokemon’ bag-slot, not ‘item’.
*Save 10km eggs for when you’re level 20.
–> Hatch with hire CP.
—> Hatched Pokemon tend to have better IVs.
*Don’t ever leave incubators empty.
–> Hatched eggs give a lot of exp.
—> …and a lot of candy!

Guide courtesy ChrisTheDuckMan.