Hearthstone Fireside Gathering 2

Hearthstone Fireside Gathering 2

2016-07-26 0 By Shinsoo

Were you there at the last one ?





Here are the details for the second one coming up.

Saturday 30th 4pm-9pm . Centre of Excellence @ ALIAS GAMMA QUADRANT

Tournament Registration is FREE!
*Venue Entry (Alias Entertainment Expo): $100.
*Over $1000.00 worth in prizes.
*New ‘League’ system with points for future events/prizes!
*Give-aways including #Warcraft merchandise!
*Well-equipped facility with HD projectors.
*Internet sponsored by Flow.
*Hearthstone themed ambiance.
*Bring your own hardware and play casually too.
*Tournament BEGINS at 4pm.

*VR and more games to enjoy with entry.
*Alias opens hours before tournament starts.
*Venue closes at 10:00pm.
*Food and drinks available on location.
*Professional photography taking place.
*Dress code: Casual.

Professionals and casuals are both invited to participate courtesy Carigamers and Flow. Compete in the tournament, play casually or just spectate and see what else Alias has to offer. Our 1st Fireside was a success and we want to make more things happen – all you have to do is show up!
*Registration: FREE!
*Alias Entry: $100.
*Format: Standard.
*Style: Conquest (Best of 3).
*HDT allowed if both parties agree.

1st Place
Equivalent of about 75 packs – $600 TTD.
+Warcraft merchandise.
+10 Championship points.

2nd Place
Equivalent of about 35 packs – $300 TTD.
+Warcraft Merchandise.
+5 Championship points.

3rd Place
Equivalent of about 15 packs – $150 TTD.
+Warcraft Merchandise.
*Points will be used for local standings.
*Top standing players receive entry into annual tourney or prize.
*Get 1 pt for each player you eliminate at our tournaments.
*1st and 2nd place receive additional points.
*Points reset at the end of annual tourney/prize giving.


For more check out our facebook:  www.facebook.com/carigamers for more information and to ask questions.
For info on Alias go here ! http://www.alias-expo.com/final-frontier/