Carigamers Top picks of E3

Carigamers Top picks of E3

2016-06-26 0 By Shinsoo

Good day gamer fans . Here we are one day after E3 2016 and you can still smell the hype fresh in the air.  E3 is the Largest Electronic Entertainment Expo and gamer press conference . It highlights the newest technologies and games from the industry leaders. Some huge announcements were made and we get many people were too busy to watch the full multi-day conference. But no worries, Carigamers is here to make sure you are aware of the things you need to know .

(Keep in mind it would be impossible to cover the epicness of the entire conference in one article. We also note that some of these games are on multiple platforms) 



Microsoft is clearly on a path to take over the world. Fresh off their buy of linkedin for 26 billion dollars they are bringing some important elements to the gaming word. Xbox fans rejoice as they announce not only a new Xbox one Slim edition . Microsoft also announces Project Scorpio Console. New console will deliver true 4K gaming with six teraflops of performance. It will be backwards compatible with Xbox One and Xbox One S allowing for VR gameplay along with graphics never before seen on consoles.

They also announced Xbox Play Anywhere which will allow you to play titles you bought on Xbox on windows 10 and vice versa. Along with supporting crossplay and carries over your saves and achievements to your other device. They also announced minecraft VR and crossplay on mobile and pc. Along with a bluetooth xbox controller Microsoft is here to stay .

Here are our top picks from Microsoft:

Tekken 7

Notable mentions : Halo wars 2 , Minecraft and Divison  DLC update


Sony didn’t have nearly as many technological advancements to announce but they were said to win E3 for another year in a row. Gamers are now searching their pockets now to get a PS4 before some of these awesome games come out. Playstation announced that their VR will be out October 13th along with many other VR titles.


Here are our top picks from Sony:

God of War


Call of Duty


Resident Evil VII

Notable mentions : Crash Bandicoot, Lego Star Wars, Batman Arkham Vr Death Stranding (keep reading(


After mourning the death of Satoru Iwata , the president of Nintendo who passed away last year. Nintendo returns with game changing improvements to many of its crowd pleasing titles. Nintendo’s fan base right now is buzzing with a new found life being blown into Nintendo games. I would say that wind is coming from Hyrule but take a look and decide for yourself.

Here are our top picks from Nintendo:

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Pokemon Sun and Moon

EA top picks 

Titan Fall 2

Battlefield 1

Fifa 17

Mass effect Andromeda

Star Wars

Ubisoft top picks

South Park : Fractured But Whole

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon

The real winner of E3 2016

Kojima after a spat with Konami gets retribution with the trailer for his new game stealing the show. Starring the walking dead phenom known as Norman Reedus , Kojima the genius behind Metal Gear Solid shows that he is not done in the industry yet by any means. Norman tweeted this picture .

Here is the trailer