Carigamer’s Medkit for Gamers!

Carigamer’s Medkit for Gamers!

2016-06-26 0 By Shinsoo


Back in the eighties avid gamers were often labeled as ‘Peyong’ and game-crazed. This at the time was considered an insult or slur. However over time the acceptance of Video gaming has changed a lot over the past few years, from being an unhealthy distraction to a medium of expression and learning.

That being said ,I am The ManaHero. A long time veteran gamer. This article will deal with the progression of gaming as it deals with the issue of gamers and their health. Dealing with ailments, conditions and also solutions to these conditions.The following medical conditions are commonly caused by Video Gaming.

1. Fighter’s thumb

Caused by most gamepads used in playing popular Vs. fighting games. The condition can affect anyone who uses a game with a d-pad controller. Symptoms of “Fighter’s Thumb” include numbness and tingling in the thumb and large, open blisters caused by repetitive motion that require weeks to heal.

Another term for this condition is “Palmar hidradenitis,” a skin disorder induced by console gaming. Painful lesions on the palms and fingers are the main features.

Solution: Although you might pride yourself with having an imprint of a cross pad on your left thumb surrounded by blisters for being the most Hardcore console fighter in your group, do the healthy deed and take breaks every 5 mins or so, or if you really can’t do that at the allotted times do yourself a big favor and ice the thumb after a big gaming session. It’ll heal up in no time and your hands will thank you.

2. Nintendinitis, Wiiitis, and X-boxitis

“Nintendonitis” has been used to describe tendon injuries (tendinosis) of the hands and wrists. Users have reported stress injuries from playing games such as Wii Sports for too long. Serious injuries caused by playing in tight spaces can also occur.

The Wii balance board causes a lot of injuries by itself, including knee and hip problems and fractures resulting from a fall, dubbed “Wii fractures” by health care providers.

Solution: Heed the warnings displayed in most console games and take your needed breaks, go get a drink of water, walk outside and take a breather (then come back inside and complain the graphics outside is terrible)

3. Gamer’s Hangover aka Zombie mode.

Gamer’s Hangover is the way you feel after a late night or as trinis might say “full night of sweating”. Zombie Mode is for those who think they can do 2 or more overnights in succession and then walk around like a highly agitated zombie the day after.

Solution: Make sure and get your recovery rest to recoup after said gaming nights. Keep meals on time and away from your game and drink more water to get rid of that pickled feeling.

Solution: Be aware for your gaming time, as well as if gaming causes you to feel dizzy or causes motion sickness. Take time breaks every half hour or so.

4. Diet

On most heavy gaming sessions what you eat will be rushed and limited to fast food and soft drinks. In the short term this is fine. These foods give you quick energy and allow you to jump right back into the game. However sugar can make you crash and you don’t want to be that guy who falls asleep while the best action is happening. For this we advise Nescafe to make it through the whole night. And if you do need a major spike in energy , I would go straight for a monster energy drink.

It is also to be noted that you actually ironically should not put much sugar in your coffee. And never underestimate how important keeping your body hydrated is.
Keep your diet balanced on non-gaming days and make sure to flush out the junk food. Exercise and keep yourself fit as well regularly.

5. Mental Fatigue from gaming ( not sleep or diet related)

To outsiders gaming looks like all fun and games. A mindless form of entertainment. However this could not be further from the truth. Gaming is very mentally intensive. From the vast range of emotions , to the lightning quick reaction times , all the way to those quick calculations that seperates a gamer from life or death. The brain works hard when it games which is great but it can be very exhausting especially when you have to study after or get work done.

Solution : There are many solutions to this , including certain things mentioned before such as improving your rest/sleep patterns and eating better to repair and fuel the brain. However I wish to share with you a person brain hack which could be your new secret weapon. The name of it is meditation. Meditation is hugely underrated . A meditation session is more rejuvenating than a nap , clears the mind, rests the body , purges negative emotions and many more short term and long term effects.

6. Carpel Tunnel aka PC gamer’s worst nemisis

“Carpal tunnel syndrome is numbness, tingling,weakness, and other problems in your hand because of pressure on the median nerve in your wrist.”

Nothing slows you down and keeps you out of the game more than carpel tunnel. Young or old you can probably feel it coming on even as you read this article. Even as I write this post. I have a few important overlooked solutions to this issue that most people dont bother doing.

Solutions :
1. If possible elevate or lower your work station(table or chair). In my experience most people get this not from excessive gameplay but in fact attempting to game at a bad angle. If you wrist is bent too much in either direction , you will quickly achieve the undesired reward that is carpel tunnel

2. Wrist exercises are an effective tool to fight this. Rotating your wrists clockwise and anti-clockwise a few times a day can help prevent or relieve it in the long term.

If you have any mental or physical issues gaming, feel free to let us know so we can assist you in solving them. Have a healthy gaming session guys.

Written by ManaHero
Edited by  Shinsoo