Battlerite Beta Confirmed !

Battlerite Beta Confirmed !

2016-08-22 0 By Shinsoo

Q: Will there be a beta, and if so, when?
A: Yes! The first beta session is planned for:

  • The weekend of Saturday 3rd – Sunday 4th September, 2016

Further details regarding the exact time of the tests will be revealed later, but the session will last the entire weekend. Additional test periods are planned but will also be announced at a later date. These sessions will all be closed beta, meaning that only people who are invited will be able to play. Anyone with an alpha key will automatically be able to participate in the beta.

Q: How does Early Access differ from Beta?
A: On September 20th Early Access begins, which means that from that point until the Free-To-Play launch of Battlerite, anyone who wants to play the game immediately can purchase access to it. During Early Access the Battlerite servers will be available 24/7.

Q: Will my alpha/beta key let me play in Early Access?
A: No, access to the alpha/beta will not carry over to Early Access.

Q: What will Early Access cost?
A: The target price of Early Access will be €19.99 on Steam (local prices may vary). Besides including everything mentioned under the “Early Access” header here:
It will also include all the champions released during the Early Access period.

Q: What regions will the beta/Early Access be available in?
A: For Early Access our goal is for Battlerite to be available in all major regions supported by other significant releases. From beta onwards we will have availability in North America and Europe, with further regions to be announced.

Q: Will my progress be wiped when the game launches?
A: Our goal is for no wipes at all to occur after closed beta begins. When Early Access begins, no wipes of progression or items received will happen at all.

Q: I want to stream and/or post videos/screenshots when playing. When can I do that?
A: As of September 3rd, when the closed beta begins, you will be allowed to discuss the game freely, but you will not be allowed to share any footage of Battlerite. As of September 20th, the NDA will be lifted completely, which means that you will be free to livestream the game as well a post videos and screenshots of it.

Q: How are beta participants chosen?
A: Beta participants are chosen in order to get a good mix of players with varying levels of experience of games similar to Battlerite.

Q: I’m having problems with installing/starting up the game. Who should I talk to?
A: You can visit the Support and Troubleshooting part of our Steam Discussions forum or contact us via

Q: Will the Early Access of Battlerite be supported on Mac / Linux?
A: No, during Early Access Battlerite will not support those systems. For Linux users, we’ve gotten feedback during the alpha testing that Battlerite works okay with Wine however.

Q: How do I report bugs and/or feedback?
A: You can use the in-game tool that is reachable via the top right Main Menu to report bugs and leave feedback. Alternatively, you can also use our Steam Discussion forum to post your problems and what you think about the game.

Q: I bought a Titan Pack for Bloodline Champions, will I get any benefits from it?
A: While we appreciate the support you’ve shown in the past, we unfortunately do not own or have access to the complete information regarding all Titan accounts and have no way to verify that information. It is also important to remember that Battlerite is a new game, separate from Bloodline Champions.

Q: Where can I get the latest information regarding Battlerite, such as test times and patch notes?
A: All the latest news will be posted here on our Community Hub on Steam!

Q: I have an alpha/beta-key, how do I install the game?
A: For beta access, and if you attain an Early Access key via for example the Diabotical Kickstarter, follow these instructions:

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