Alias Gamma Quadrant Tournament Results

Alias Gamma Quadrant Tournament Results

2016-08-09 0 By Shinsoo

Street Fighter V (PS4)

After a hard day of countless matches. Pie defeats Takebusface to take home his first GATT tournament win.

1st Kerlon “Pie” Joseph
2nd Antonio “TakeBusFace” Fermin
3rd Ryan “BeastPrime” Ramoutar



Fifa 16 (PS4)

This event had the most single registered contestants and on that day proved there were many Fifa fans of many shapes and sizes hoping to come out with the win. But only Cityslicker would overcome the odds.

1st Javon “Cityslicker97” Charles
2nd Aidan “Aidan_D_General” Mohammed
3rd Damani “diamondtrim12” Garcia



Hearthstone (PC)

These heroes battled into the night. As the convention patrons went home , they were still heavily engaged in battle . Minds as sharp as ever and cards just as lucky. Rush shuffled his way to victory.

1st Alain “Rush” Sirju
2nd Ryan “Chingbling” Achim
3rd Nicholas “Heaven” Francis



Super Smash Bros (Wii U)

Some great sportsmanship from the Smash players was shown as Wabz made and unstoppable sprint to the finals where he would defeat ssj3 convincingly to become our new smash champion.

1st Darien “Wabz” Jardine
2nd Anish “ssj3” Goberdhan
3rd Nicholas “N” Mc Neill


Dota 2 (PC)

A tournament of teams. Battle of the bastards . The original bastards would reign supreme this day. NLD takes another Carigamers Dota 2 Event.

1st Team NLD
2nd Team KoboTown
3rd Team WeAllSwag


Thank you to all the participants.

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