Trini Smash Player flies to Rio to compete in E-Games

Trini Smash Player flies to Rio to compete in E-Games

2016-08-16 0 By Shinsoo


Recently we had Alias where we crowned quite a bit of smash champs.

Here they are :

1st Darien “Wabz” Jardine




2nd Anish “ssj3” Goberdhan



3rd Nicholas “N” McNeill



Now fast forward a few weeks later and look at this .



Notice anyone familiar? (We will give you a hint , it is the guy with the TT flag)
Where is he ?

Launched as part of the London Games Festival on April 6th 2016, the eGames is an international gaming tournament where national pride is the prize. Supported by the UK Government, this not for profit initiative has been established to positively shape the future of competitive eSports.

We are proud to see local gamers compete internationally with the pride of Trinidadian gaming on the line .


If you are interested in seeing Wabz and many other athletes compete check out their stream @

You can also visit the egames website for more information .

Good luck for wabz , we are rooting for you !

Thanks to egames to giving all these gamers a shot at glory .