Overwatch International scrims with Ubisoft stream team !

Overwatch International scrims with Ubisoft stream team !

2016-07-26 0 By Shinsoo


Team Flaming Bear from Ubisoft wasted no time showing Carigamers the ropes and strangling them with it in Blizzard’s new marvel called Overwatch. Being lead by the skilled beauty ‘Dreaminpastels’ , Team Flaming Bear roughed the islanders up harder than Leo in the Revenant!  Out of five(5) rounds they took each round convincingly shutting Carigamers out .

Mei is that you ? No wonder they got wrecked.

Two weeks later the Carigamers team had been hard at work trying to figure out how to counter the irl Mei and brushed up on their Overwatch skills. Their hard work would not be in vain as they fought the ferocious Team Flaming Bear once again two weeks later. They would return a convincing  5-0 reverse sweep on them. Carigamers returned the favor in kind however the stain of the first week is not gone yet. As of right now it starts as one victory each so stay tuned to find out which team can land the decisive blow !

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